Sunday, July 6, 2008

The girls' July updates... and case update : )

We got word that Sarah's passport is done, final papers were submitted to the Embassy and the 2nd DNA was done Friday. Just waiting now for the lab to send the results to the Embassy to get our Pink slip(aka Embassy appt.).
Dave leaves in 4 DAYS with our youth group and orphan care ministry for the Eagles Nest! I really had wanted to know our Embassy appt. date before he leaves... but the Lord never changes in character allowing us the privilege to trust Him up until the last minute!! I've got my plane ticket... just waiting to change the departure/return dates : )

Can't wait to put a smile on this precious little face!

Her chicken pox look SOOO much better! I CAN'T believe she'll REALLY be HOME in less than 3 weeks!!!! I'm SO excited!
Without the bow, she'd be identical to her brothers : )

Love those cheeks!!


Sara said...

Love the pics. What an exciting time, knowing that soon you will be with Sarah forever!!

Whitney said...

They are both crazy cute! Looking forward to seeing them together! Praying for strength for this last little bit!

Brenda Rae said...

WOW that is so cool - God answers so many prays and never quits. I just am in awe of His sovereignty (oh and I can't spell!) Can't wait to meet little Sarah - who is bigger - Sarah or Emily?

Jerry and Stacie said...

Was Labcorp the lab they used for her second DNA? If so, you can contact them and they will give you a tracking number to see when the Embassy receives the results. Whenever the results come back, they will overnight them to the embassy so they should get them the next day and then comes PINK!!!

Oh I hope its soon!! That would be so awesome if it was when you guys were there! Who knows?? You never know what God has up his sleeve! Whatever happens his plan is so perfect and SARAH IS COMING HOME!!


Amy said...

Precious pictures! They are both beautiful little girls,what fun they will have together and with their brothers!

So excited for you! The Lord has blessed you greatly!