Thursday, July 17, 2008

Not getting what you want

I think someone in this picture might be having issues with not being the "baby" anymore : )

Today I picked up my boys' from spending the night at my sister's and as we were pulling away I heard a deep sigh and an " Oh, no!" from the back of the van. Caleb had left his new t-shirt from b-ball camp in her car. She had already left... too late. Then the tears came.

My first instinct was to say "It's not a big deal, we'll get it sometime." Of course, that led to more tears. And then I became frustrated. But as looked in the rear-view mirror at my distraught 7 yr. old, the Lord brought something to mind.

In an instant, I recalled the many tears I shed just this morning all alone to my Heavenly Father over the unbearable thought of David and our group leaving Sarah again when they have to come back to the States. I too wanted something RIGHT NOW that I may not get. How grateful I am that my Father doesn't get frustrated by my cries or brush me off.... but instead, He extends His loving-kindness and grace forever.

Filled with a new sense of compassion, I stopped the van and turned to my son and said, "I am so sorry honey, I know how much you wanted that t-shirt today." He nodded with a tear still lingering on his face. Then I said, " We will get the shirt the very next time we see Christine, ok?" He nodded again, but this time with a look of relief that I understood.

Disappointment and not getting what you want is tough surrender no matter how great or small and is so relative to what is important to you. I am definitely NOT comparing a t-shirt to a child but am thankful today that God reminded me to have patience with one another bearing one another's burdens with love and compassion.... even when your son forgets his t-shirt : )


Denise said...

Oh Marianne, I do understand your tears. I cried just reading your husband's sweet blogs. You have reminded me that eventhough my boys are older, their tears are just as real and important as mine. I am ashamed and will ask forgiveness from them when they get home today for brushing their tears aside.
You are an awesome and blessed mom and wife. I am praying for God to work it all out for you in His time.
Love to all, Denise
I thank God also, everyday that my children have you and David in their lives.

Amy said...

Knowing that the Lord can still move things along quickly we are praying for His hand in the perfect timing. We are so excited that Sarah will be home very soon. (May the days pass quickly!)

David and Marianne said...

Denise, THANK YOU! What an encouragement you are to me : ) It really does feel good to know when someone understands.

We LOVE your kids, your whole family! We pray we can raise our little gang to love the Lord the way your kids live it out!

love, Marianne

Courtney said...

That is a funny picture. Wonder what will happen when another baby comes into the mix. Courtney

Ferrick said...

Oh how this made me smile...with 3 boys all 2 years apart, I can totally relate to this picture. Its fun to hear about Sarah and cant wait to hear about God's perfect timing. Blessings, Susie