Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A day in Antigua

Everyone told us we really should go to Antigua and I'm so glad we did! We had a great day and even enjoyed our driver Luis(he is a believer and we had all kinds of theological conversations). This picture was taken in an old monastery built in the 1500's that is now a hotel... it was breathtaking! Seeing some of the sights of Sarah's birthplace was a wonderful way to pass the time while waiting for her visa : )

After a long day of sight-seeing..... isn't she precious!

Back at the hotel, Sarah was checking out her future b-day presents!

Sarah seems to be most content when we are in our room at the hotel. I'd say overall she's doing pretty well with the transition but she still feels pretty cruddy. Her cough about breaks your heart. Today she had a few 15-20min. "moments" where she seemed happy and feeling good. The rest of the day she just wanted to be held and was easily disgruntled. She was up most the night crying last night and finally gave it up about 4am, so she's exhausted on top of being sick... not the greatest mix. We're hoping she'll sleep well tonight to be rested for a long day of travel tomorrow : ) We are so excited to come home and finally have our family complete... it's felt like someone was "missing" for way too long! Thank you to everyone praying... we are so grateful! The Lord is good!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"A time to rejoice"

Today was the BIG day! We were at the Embassy for about 3 hrs. waiting this morning and then it was over... just like that! As we raised our right hands to swear to tell the truth when they asked us questions on our final documents, I looked over at Sarah(who was completely sacked out in her Daddy's arms) and my heart swelled with tears in my eyes and absolutely marveled in awe about what was happening! I don't know how a thousand revelations can occur within 10 seconds but somehow they did and I was left with a humble heart and a joy filled spirit for our Abba Father!

Braxton's family was there with us and we were so blessed to make new friends : )

After such a long morning, we came back to the hotel took LONG naps... esp. since it was raining, no pool today : (

At the Embassy we met Lisa, Steve and baby Kella for the first time... which is pretty funny considering we're from the same town. They took us to a fabulous steakhouse tonight to celebrate our adoptions and we were so blessed by this AMAZING family! We are so thankful for God's provision in even meeting friends at this stage in our adoption : ) The pic above is us at the restaurant where Sarah had NO interest in her toys and apparently thought my plate was something she could eat!

Me, Lisa and our girls... I can hardly believe we only met today : ) We were serenaded by these talented musicians... it was such a special and fun evening!

My recent Bible reading has been out of an old favorite... Ecclesiastes. Today was certainly a "time to rejoice" and we praise God for His sweet mercies and precious gifts. After learning so much through different types of trials and sadness over the past few years, I truly recognize the truth that there is a time or season for everything. As we savor our day of rejoicing, our prayers and thoughts are not far from those who are experiencing a different "time" in their life and we hope and pray that no matter the season, HE WILL BE GLORIFIED!
It's getting late so until tomorow... blessings to our friends and family! ps. Sarah is feeling a little bit better today, thank you for praying!

Monday, July 28, 2008


... that's how I'd describe this meeting. Oh so AMAZINGLY happpy for us but so sad for Sarah to let go of all she's ever known. It was a pretty tough goodbye for both Sarah and Mama Ana.

One last picture with a very precious mama! It cracks me up how every time we come to visit, they always put her in the dress we sent down. It's just so sweet!

Me and my girl poolside at the hotel : )
Things are going smoothly as far as flights on time, accommodations are good and Embassy appointment on schedule. Sarah definitely seems uncomfortable with these new surroundings but mostly is fussy because she does not feel very good at all. Ana handed me 3 different medicines and PTL there was an American standing there that could help interpret the instructions for us a little! She doesn't seem to mind all our kissses and hugs but it's going to take some time for her to really see us as mommy and daddy.
We are enjoying meeting other adopting American families but quite surprised at how many do not seem to be believers. They seem puzzled when I explain that the Lord is how we ended up adopting from Guatemala... like we're superstitious or something ?! Praying the Lord will give us opportunities to share the gospel!
Please pray for Sarah's health... this transition seems much harder on her because she's so sick. We love you all and are so grateful for your love and support!! It means so much! More later...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Last post before Guatemala : )

Did some figuring for the boys to have a timeline for Sarah's homecoming.... 5 more "sleeps" and she'll be sleeping in her room in our house and in our town for EVERY "sleep" after that! Still feels pretty surreal, but counting bedtimes until she comes home kind of snapped me into reality!!

We will try to post from Guatemala for you all if we can, but if not we will fill you in when we get home : ) For friends and family that live close, we will fly in on Delta to our hometown airport at 8:57pm Thursday(from Atlanta). If you would like to welcome Sarah home, we would love to have you there. You might want to check if the flight is on schedule before you go to the airport : )

Alright, back to packing!! love to you all!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


A sweet little dress...

just waiting...

... for a sweet little girl!!
I can't believe it! That's all my mind keeps saying!! Found out today that we were supposed to be at our Embassy appointment at 7:15 am THIS MORNING. We should have gotten our "pink slip" last Thursday while Dave was still in Guatemala but they sent it to the wrong email address! They spelled our last name in the address with two "o"s instead of two "s"s. Just unbelievable... to think Dave would have been able to be with me to bring her home. How one typo can radically change your plans floors me. Yet, we continue to trust in the sovereignty of God!
The good part is we were able to reschedule our appointment for next week and this roller coaster(which was beginning to make me sick) will finally be over! The GLORIOUS part is Sarah is COMING HOME!!!!!! Thank you Lou and Leah for alerting me to possible problems with our pink slip... who knows how long we would have waited! Again, the sovereignty of God!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Coming Home

Well, it looks I will be returning to the States without Sarah. The encouraging thought in leaving is that we will be returning in a short time to bring her home! What a wonderful week with Sarah, she was soooo sweet. God has provided so much for us to make Sarah a part of our lives. Although we will miss bringing her home with our group by a few days, it is encouraging to know that in just a few short days she will be in our home forever. Marianne, Caleb, Zachary, and Emily . . . I cannot wait to see you. I love you very much and I will see you early Monday morning.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Not getting what you want

I think someone in this picture might be having issues with not being the "baby" anymore : )

Today I picked up my boys' from spending the night at my sister's and as we were pulling away I heard a deep sigh and an " Oh, no!" from the back of the van. Caleb had left his new t-shirt from b-ball camp in her car. She had already left... too late. Then the tears came.

My first instinct was to say "It's not a big deal, we'll get it sometime." Of course, that led to more tears. And then I became frustrated. But as looked in the rear-view mirror at my distraught 7 yr. old, the Lord brought something to mind.

In an instant, I recalled the many tears I shed just this morning all alone to my Heavenly Father over the unbearable thought of David and our group leaving Sarah again when they have to come back to the States. I too wanted something RIGHT NOW that I may not get. How grateful I am that my Father doesn't get frustrated by my cries or brush me off.... but instead, He extends His loving-kindness and grace forever.

Filled with a new sense of compassion, I stopped the van and turned to my son and said, "I am so sorry honey, I know how much you wanted that t-shirt today." He nodded with a tear still lingering on his face. Then I said, " We will get the shirt the very next time we see Christine, ok?" He nodded again, but this time with a look of relief that I understood.

Disappointment and not getting what you want is tough surrender no matter how great or small and is so relative to what is important to you. I am definitely NOT comparing a t-shirt to a child but am thankful today that God reminded me to have patience with one another bearing one another's burdens with love and compassion.... even when your son forgets his t-shirt : )

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Embassy has the DNA!!!

... stay tuned, who knows how the Lord will conclude this journey : )

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another Great Day With Sarah!!!!

Another wonderful day with Sarah. I went in to see Sarah early again this morning and she was laying wide awake in her crib rolling around. She looked at me and just had a look on her face like she expected me to be coming. I fed her cereal and a bottle and you could tell that she was ready for the day. In the afternoon it sounds like our orphan care ministry held Sarah almost all afternoon so she never got a nap. When I came in at the end of our work day she was still going strong and blowing bubbles with her tongue (Marianne, same "spitting" she was doing the night we left that had us cracking up so hard). Throughout the day I would pop my head in to see her and she always seemed so happy to see me. As I leave I always stand at the door and wave goodbye until she stops looking at me. She just stares at me for a few minutes and then gets distracted by someone or the video showing. The orphan ministry has not been allowed by the mamas to just snatch babies out of their cribs and hold them . . . but they are letting them get Sarah whenever they like. It's neat that they all understand that I'm her papa and we are there to love on her and all the other children. All the babies seem like they are doing just fine. I'm always amazed how the room is full of babies and how little crying their is. Praise God for this wonderful place where these children are so meticulously cared for. Still wondering if God has a glorious miracle up His sleeve for Sarah to be able to come home with us but we are running out of time. No matter what Lord, to you be the glory and honor. Until tomorrow! Oh, almost forgot, Marianne, I don't know if you can see it in the pictures but I asked one of he mamas to take the picture of Sarah and I together and she took us over to the kitchen area and pulled out some "sticker" ear rings to put on her. It was pretty funny but cute. She was wearing little ear rings to make her look pretty! Love you so much honey.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Sarah Zonked Out

Just a tad bit tired this morning. I got to hold Sarah this morning and feed her a bottle. When I came back later in the morning to check on here this is the condition that i found her. I think that she could sleep if a freight train was going through the orphanage. That'll come in handy when she arrives at our calm and quite home. Not too much to say, just thought I'd add a cute picture!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Surprise Mommy

Hey Mommy, thanks for letting daddy come and visit me!!!! I miss you so much. Daddy came over early this morning and we hung out for a while. I told him to take a picture in my Sunday morning dress and send it to you. I hope you like it. I have been so good since daddy has been here. You can't even really tell anymore that I had chicken pox except for a sore inside my nose and between my fingers . . . but I'm tough, I'll be alright. I love all the rest of the group from our church. They are all being so nice to me. Ben Holt and Jared Fischer have held me but Julie probably wants to hold me the most. Daddy took me to lunch today and fed me some cereal and gave me a bottle. It was so good that I just had to take a nap. Daddy told me that the whole group prayed that you would get good news tomorrow (Monday) and that you would get to come and take me home. Oh, how much I would love for you to come and get me. I miss you and I look forward to seeing you again so I can come home. Love you so much, hope you enjoy my picture!!!

Hey Caleb, Zachary, and Emily . . . how are my brothers and sister? I can't wait to come home and play with you. Are you looking forward to meeting me? I hope so, I can't wait to meet you! I look at your pictures all the time in my crib. Zachary, daddy told me that you are pretty funny! Caleb, daddy told me you are a great baseball player. Emily, daddy told me we're almost twins, it'll be fun to grow up together (we can share clothes and makeup). Can't wait to see you guys.

Hola to the rest of my family as well. I can't wait to meet you all.

Friday, July 11, 2008

She'll be in his arms tomorrow

We just got back from the send-off of a 26 member little army for God : ) Look out Guatemala... here comes Grace Church! They were all so excited and eager to love on some babies and share the Good News! I was so proud of my husband for taking on such a task of leading such a large group on a mission trip!

I admit I was sad and envious that they would all be able to see, touch and hold Sarah tomorrow but this picture brings me comfort that she will be safely nestled in her Daddy's arms within 24 hrs.

We are still waiting on news about whether I will be able to go meet up with the group to bring Sarah home. The Lord sent us a couple of "angels" that have given us an opportunity for a kind of last ditch effort to bring her home on this trip. We'll let you know when we hear : )

If any of the Eagles Nest families would like to follow what our group is doing at El Nido, they will be posting daily on this website : )

Love to you all tonight and thank you for all your support and encouragement... it means so much!! I'm so thankful I also have arms to nestle into during these next few days... my Abba, Father. There are no words to describe the wonder and gratefulness I have for His pursuit of me and the lengths He endured to "adopt" me, allowing me the privilege of calling Him Father!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Can't Anyone Help Us???

We've been trying to do anything and everything to work out the details of bringing Sarah home at the end of our church mission trip to EN.... but it seems to no avail.
We have not had personal contact with the Embassy except for the lovely automatic responses and we found out last night that the DNA labs have been having technical difficulties and are back-logged.
I had really wanted to be part of the team that goes down to Guatemala for the mission project but I am having to stand by until we have our actual Embassy appt..... simply because I can't be gone 10 days only to turn around and be gone another 4 or 5 days back to Guate for reasons of child care and finances.
We chose to give Sarah her name because we believe nothing is too difficult for HIM, so if it's the Lord's will, we KNOW this appointment is not beyond His capability!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

The girls' July updates... and case update : )

We got word that Sarah's passport is done, final papers were submitted to the Embassy and the 2nd DNA was done Friday. Just waiting now for the lab to send the results to the Embassy to get our Pink slip(aka Embassy appt.).
Dave leaves in 4 DAYS with our youth group and orphan care ministry for the Eagles Nest! I really had wanted to know our Embassy appt. date before he leaves... but the Lord never changes in character allowing us the privilege to trust Him up until the last minute!! I've got my plane ticket... just waiting to change the departure/return dates : )

Can't wait to put a smile on this precious little face!

Her chicken pox look SOOO much better! I CAN'T believe she'll REALLY be HOME in less than 3 weeks!!!! I'm SO excited!
Without the bow, she'd be identical to her brothers : )

Love those cheeks!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Yes, you are at the right place...

just noticed everyone else was changing things around on their blog and thought I'd jump on the bandwagon : ) Do you like it?? I'm still not sure... you may come back tomorrow and it will be the same old, same old. And yes, I know I have 2 headers... what in the world did I do?? Anyone know how to delete a header?

In the mean time... here's a sneak preview of July updates!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bed time at our house...

Dave was supposed to be putting the boys to bed the other night, when from the other room I heard a bunch of giggling. This is what I found on the TOP bunk of the boys' bedroom.....

Just a few more weeks and there will be another crazy one to add to the gang : )